In most cases an evaluation costs between $10 and $20. If the repair is successful you will not be charged this evaluation cost. plus parts


  • The computer starts but there is no image – possible cause: faulty graphic card or inverter/backlight. Cost: from $60
  • The computer reboots occasionnally, freezes or shows a blue-screen with an error message – possible (!) cause: RAM stick defective. Cost: from $40
  • The computer is completely dead, no lights, doesn’t boot – possible causes: power supply, AC adapter or motherboard defective. Cost: varies, from $45
  • The computer is extremely slow - possible causes: too many unneeded services activated, virus, malware, hard disk fragmented, computer not optimized for speed. Cost: from $35

Television - Monitor

The price for a repair can be as low as $45, depending on the problem. Common problems are:

  • The television doesn’t turn on, no image, no sound, no lights – possible cause: power supply defective. Cost : between $60 and $180
  • No image, sound ok – possible cause : power supply or image control module, Cost: between $60 and $180
  • Doesn’t start, clicks can be heard or has difficulties to turn on or remain on, intermittent problem – probable cause: power supply, Cost: between $45 and $150
  • Image related problems like pixelization, colored lines – several possible causes, Cost: between $100 and $220
  • The picture is cloudy or darker in certain regions, black pixels or a broken/cracked screen – the panel needs probably to be replaced, impossible to do for a reasonnable price,

Audio / Video

Most common problems of audio/video equipment are:

  • amplifier: completely dead -probable cause: power supply circuit or power output circuit, Cost: between $40 and $110
  • amplifier: turns on but no sound to speakers – probable cause: output transistors or IC defective, Cost: between $45 and $120
  • amplifier and other audio/video equipment: volume / balance pots sounding scratchy, sound is unstable or cuts out – probable cause: corroded or dirty contacts, bad contacts, bad solder joints, Cost: between $30 and $60
  • CD player: CD not recognized, erratic tracking, skips, audible noise – probable cause: defective laser unit or dirty lens, Cost: between $20 and $90

Small kitchen appliances

There are many different types of small kitchen appliances on the market. It is therefore difficult to estimate repair cost without inspection of the item. Repair costs can be as low as $20 for simple problems but can be higher if OEM parts need to be replaced.


A huge part of items containing electronics that are currently on the market will be discarded when they don’t work anymore. However, many times only a small intervention is necessary. Repair costs for simple problems are often between $20 and $40.

Uninterruptible power supply

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) with integrated batteries: The UPS doesn’t hold a charge, when the input voltage is turned off, the output power is turned off as well -probable cause: one or more batteries have reached the end of their lifecycle or there is a problem with the charger. Cost: from $70